Rules for the Event

Yes, we have to have some semblance of order and legality

Rules for Contestants..

1. Contestants will need to make, at a minimum, 50 Bloody Marys for the public, so bring enough supplies! (the house will provide the vodka!!)

2. Plastic cups and glassware will be provided. Drinks being judged will all be presented to the judges in a 20 oz glass pint glass provided to you when you arrive.
3. All contestants are required to use the vodka provided by the bar.
4. Contestants need to be set up by 10:30am, the doors will open at 11am. Judging will take place at 1pm, and People’s choice tickets will be counted at 3pm.
5. Please bring a cooler with ice for your supplies, and a cooler with ice for your drinks. The bar will have enough ice to refill coolers!

How are the drinks judged?


  • On Taste, first by our “certifiable” panel of 6 judges, and then by popular vote. When customers buy drink tickets they also receive voting tickets. Your goal is to provide them with such great service that they drop these voting tickets into your tip jar. The person with the most voting tickets wins the popular vote.
  • On Presentation, first by the judges, then by the crowd.



Who are the Judges?


Do you have what it takes to judge a Bloody Mary contest? We had an outstanding panel of judges last year, and because of the fun they had, and the success of the last event, we have a very competitive race for judges. if you want to be a judge for this year’s competition we suggest emailing a quick list of reason’s you would be a good judge, along with a picture of you at last years event -or- a picture of you drinking a Bloody Mary somewhere in The Florida Keys. Pictures received will be used on our website.