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Sponsors of the Event

The people and businesses who gave of their time, talent, or treasure to make this event possible. Thank you!!

Angler House Marina

Having been the location of the first event, we are happy to announce they will still let us back in! Their assistance with staff, Liquor, tables, and anything else we needed went above and beyond our expectations. We are grateful to everyone at Angler House Marina, and are looking forward to The Redux of Decadent Sunday’s Bloody Mary Competition.

The Whistle Stop

More than just a competitor.. Ryan’s team did a fantastic job in the competition, but they also shared their supplies with other contestants, as well as helping out with the promotion of the event. Great big thank you to all of them!!

Blue 9 Realty

From organizing the event, to sponsoring the food, this is an event put on by Blue 9 Realty, for The Good Health Clinic’s Big Kahuna fundraiser.